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The Black Cornerempty posted: 10.06
Mike Ramey Mike Ramey

by Mike Ramey,
The Manhoodline
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In the first part of this two-part commentary, we confronted the beast known as racism, and its continued existence in our land. The ‘grip’ on the trick bag in our modern generation brothers is that there are some whites--and a few non-whites--who are operating under the misguided notion that whites actually ‘feel’ guilty about their progress in this land. I beg to differ. I have not met a white person who has expressed remorse about being successful. The ‘White Guilt’ myth is all a part of “The Game”…keeping people focused on the right hand, when the left hand is where the action is.

‘Going off’ on racists does not, nor will it destroy the demon. Neither will our crying about how unfair life is. Sometimes, the best way to deal with those who ‘hate’, whatever the reason, is to ‘withdraw’ yourself from them…meaning take your time, talent, cash and tithes and head on down the road.

What “White Guilt?” Those of us on the receiving end understand that this is all part of “The Game”. American need not be shocked if Men of Color decide that we don’t have to play by corrupt rules. After all, we DO know of one brother who is above gamesmanship. To the righteous, He is only a prayer away.

The Bible itself holds that there are ways TRUE religion can be made visible. Racism, no matter how some may ‘disagree or deny’ its existence and practice, is not something to be celebrated, but condemned. Racism is NOT a family virtue.


Recently, there have been reconciliation between Black men and Black women, much to the bewilderment of the mainstream media packs. I’ve noticed that we are coming together more, actually ‘catching’ one another’s backs, and have been deep-sixing the ‘Crabs In A Barrel Syndrome’. I don’t know why this is happening, but I do know that it IS happening without the help of the Women’s Lib and Men’s Movement crowds. Neither camp is happy about OUR coming together, so OUR children--and grand children are being targeted.

Just as Women’s Lib sought to inflame Black women against Black men (so Caucasian women would tempt Black men), we now have the Men’s Movement seeking to neutralize Black men with Black women (in order for Caucasian men to tempt Black women). Same game; different day, Amen?

I find it highly interesting that in the nearly ten years that the Men’s Movement has made it ‘above’ ground, stereotyping of Men of Color continues WITHOUT public opposition by Men‘s groups. This fact is paralleled in the Women’s Lib ranks as ‘they’ have ‘yet’ to condemn prostitution, pornography, and the rise of female homosexuals.

But wait, there’s more! Who are the ‘featured’ Men of Color ‘allowed’ to be involved in the forefront of the Men’s Movement? Why, the athlete, the entertainer, and the music star--the same types of Men of Color always regarded as being ‘safe’ by white America. What of the Men of Color who are car dealers, construction workers, lawyers, probation officers and mental health professionals? Rendered invisible.

My question to those involved in the Men’s Movement is a simple one: Don’t Black men deserve to be ‘represented’ in the same light that you are representing yourselves to YOUR families? How many non-white male writers, talk show hosts, producers, etc., are featured prominently in your literature, on your billboards, or in your national programs and/or rallies who are NOT the same, year after year?

IF the Men’s Movement only applies to “Whites Only”-- I would pray that those involved would have the courage to say so! We can rebuild our families and communities without you, integration, or affirmative action, and past redlining, eminent domain, and racism. We are learning the techniques of the Chinese, Japanese, Hispanics and Indians about keeping our money in the hood.

I fully expect to see a section of some U.S. city designated as ‘Little Africa’. Especially after those Reparation checks start to show up, someday.

What “White Guilt?” It’s just part of “The Game”.


America likes to ‘export’ the belief that the mere presence of a WW will ‘stupefy’ a Black man and make him unable to think, concentrate, or calculate. This lie has been told round the world, and back again. To tell the truth, today’s brother is not a throwback to the ‘Birth of a Nation’ fakes that the majority culture viewed as ‘real’.

I like how Dick Gregory destroyed this myth, back in the day: “If you don’t want Black men looking at White women, PUT MORE BLACK WOMEN IN TV ADS!” Of course, this has happened, and now White women are angry that White men are lusting after Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Halle Berry and Queen Latifah. In fact, I’ve noticed that some of the ‘traditional’ white dolls have ‘fuller’ lips, and ‘bigger’ trunks--and better ‘tans’. It’s not by accident that ‘Miss School Teacher’ is trying to turn ‘Pimp’ at the school house. Headlines are FULL of this kind of scandalous activity, Amen? What color are the male victims, usually? But…I digress!

Fewer and fewer upright images of Black womanhood are visible in the MSM. I am NOT happy about the continued stereotypical treatment Black women receive at the hands of Hellywood, nor am I happy with the way the MSM treats my Black sisters with a double standard that more and more sisters are--for the first time--awakening to and understanding. No, I’m not against IR, as long as its male-female (not ‘Adam and Steve’ or ‘Eve and Rhonda’) and both are heading in the same direction as led by the Lord. However, this ‘fear’ among White men and White women that ‘…all Black men want are…’ is BALDERDASH.

Sistahs KNOW that it’s ‘Raining Men’, Baby! Put another way; if YOU are looking at and relying upon the MSM to help you find a date or a mate, best save your subscription money and spend it on some improvement classes, sisters. The MSM can’t even help White women find husbands. Based upon my research, in spite of the rising number of Caucasian women in the workforce, more and more of them--and their daughters--have become alcoholics, perverts, dope fiends, and suffer from all kinds of mental illnesses and afflictions that did not exist a scant ten years ago.

What “White Guilt?” It’s all a part of “The Game”.


As one who does wear a clerical collar, this is a great place for me to wrap it up for the month. Many ‘church folk of the lighter hue’ from the pulpit to the pew, still have a ‘missionary’ mentality about Men of Color, Christianity, and the Bible. What IS the ‘missionary’ mentality? Well, that is the action whereby Caucasian Christians will reach ‘outside’ of their cities to ‘help’ people of color outside of the USA, but will FIGHT to keep OTHER races out of their OWN backyards. Men of Color from Frederick Douglass to Frederick K.C. Price have addressed the sin of racism in the church.

The sin has NOT changed and still exists.

There IS a falling away from the church, as prophesied in the Bible.

It will take practitioners, not just readers and prayers, to reverse the fall. Until that day comes, Men of Color will be watching “The Game”, and entering the playing field at level areas of their OWN choosing--NOT ignorant about the field…or the players.

Let the fool choke on their own ignorance.

What good does it do, O Man of God, to wrap the Bible in a flag and proclaim a need for patriotism, justice, truth and the USA way, when you can’t go down the block with a color blind Gospel and talk WITH us or even TO us? How many church members own or run banks, businesses, and corporations, yet can’t ‘find’ Men of Color to employ, but ‘pay lip service’ about the high unemployment rate among African American men?

Young brothers need to take a lesson from our forefathers; learn how to master your mind--when others are content to be losing theirs. I’ve only supplied an overview of the mainstream ‘chessboard’. The rest of the research, is up to YOU!

MIKE RAMEY is the author of THE MANHOOD LINE. A syndicated, monthly column written for men from a biblical, business, and common sense perspective. It appears on fine websites around the world. Emails, Bmails and Pmails are welcomed to the following address: Ten years (1996 to 2006) of bringing the issues, the heat, and the solutions to the brotherhood around the world!

©2006 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications International.
Used by permission,, 2006.

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