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The Black Cornerempty posted: 3.03
Mike Ramey Mike Ramey
The Brotherhood Warning Service!
by Mike Ramey,
The Manhoodline
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Brothers, you might want to sit down to read this month’s column. Get a cup of your favorite beverage, put out the cat, turn off the tube and put your calls on hold.

We’re going to talk about women. Before you think I’ve gone over to the PC side, let me complete my statement. We’re going to talk about women you should avoid like the plague.

And, you may want to copy this column and pass it on to your son--and their friends. There are younger--and older--versions of these sisters out there, setting a trap for them.

A few months back while surfing the web, I noticed that a few women’s websites had what I could best describe as a ‘shun’ section. The first names of various men were mentioned and their ‘alleged misdeeds’ were posted for the world to see. The sisters chuckled amongst themselves on line as to their cleverness in warning other women against these ‘so called losers’ on the dating scene. Never mind the fact that we only had their word to go on as to what these brothers ‘allegedly’ did to cause them such suffering.

But, I digress. I thought about this matter for a while, and went back to the Bible for a response. I landed squarely in the Book of Proverbs.

Now, Solomon, who wrote much of this ancient, but powerful section of the Old Testament, did not ‘mince’ words about the types of women that existed even in HIS day and time. Brothers, while the times and fashions may have changed, the number of dangerous women in society has not decreased. In fact, thanks to feminism, their numbers have grown, multiplied, and are regularly seen on TV and the silver screen.

Wake up--because YOU could be their next conquest!

Many of us are familiar with Joseph, and his troubles. Potiphar’s wife pursued this ‘good looking brother’ day after day, begging him to ‘bed her down’. Day after day, Joseph firmly, but politely refused.

Well, Mrs. Potiphar got tired of asking, and resorted to taking in order to get her itch scratched. Joseph ran as fast as he could away from this adulteress. The brother ran RIGHT out of his clothing to beat feet away from this seductive, married sister.

What did Mrs. Potiphar do when Joseph ran? Accused him of rape.

Now, it turns out that Mrs. Potiphar had some kin-- some female cousins exposed in great detail by Solomon, a king who had 700 wives and 300 concubines. As any brother knows, having one woman is work. Having more than one woman--especially IF you are married--is a prescription for a straight jacket and LOTS of medication.

Adultery is NOT cool.

But, I digress again. Brothers, it’s not enough to name names. We’re going to name types. Once you can see the ‘warning signs’ of the types, the name of the woman is just a fill-in-the-blank process. Furthermore, once you spot the type, RUN--do NOT walk--to the nearest exit for the sake of your spiritual, mental, financial, and emotional health!

Let me also mention that the women who fall into these types, for the most part, are VERY attractive. However, brothers, you have to look past the ‘packaging’ and get to the contents of the package if you are truly interested in finding a woman of quality--which these women are not!

Let’s turn the key and activate the BWS--the Brotherhood Warning Service.

Be advised…I’m not listing these types of women in any particular order.

Let’s begin our time together with the foolish woman.

Oh, I could write volumes about this sister. Devoid of common sense, she views the world through rose colored glasses, and carries a five gallon can of gasoline to start fires that the best of fire departments could never bring under control. Some of these sisters hunt for men on their jobs, and in their churches. To make matters even worse, some of these women are MARRIED, and have their husbands questioning their own sanity for proposing to them in the first place.

On this type of woman’s forehead is stamped: ‘Stuck On Stupid’. She will pick fights in the ‘name’ of whatever is socially acceptable. Her lot in life is to ‘point the finger’ at those men who are on their way up in life, and accuse them of being ‘insensitive’ to the plight of ‘womynhood’. All the while, she is scheming for a way to use her innocence to bait her hook for a man who will buy in to her lack of understanding.

If you have a woman like this on your arm, you’d best be prepared to do a lot of explaining as to how the real world works. This sister hasn’t grown up, and doesn’t intend to. While she may have a job, she may have you paying her bills.

Now, this particular woman is the type that goes in for letting it ‘all’ hang out--regardless of the weather. The warmer the weather, the better the show. While she may go to ‘church’, and has been going for years, she is a constant irritant to the congregation, with her brand of ‘off the shoulder’ wear.

The lewd woman can change her speaking patterns to ‘mask’ her approach, whether she is in the office, or in the church. However, when the talk turns to sex (and, she usually turns the talk to sex), her real personality shows through and through. This woman is best at home in a bar, a club, or any place where alcohol is served. This woman is the cause for many office parties ending in fights and hurt feelings. She may ‘claim’ that the ‘drink’ caused her to let her hair down--but she really doesn’t need an excuse to ‘act out’ in any social setting.

Don’t let her appearance fool you. She may be wearing blue jeans or a designer gown. Sadly, marriage won’t make this sister a better woman. It merely provides her with a cover of legitimacy that allows her to continue her activities. If she has kids, expect to see them on the covers of magazines, or in your local juvenile hall.

If this sister is on your job, best be prepared to make sure that you can account for your actions, because she likes to ‘hit the lottery’ on sexual harassment lawsuits. You could be her next victim. So could your company.

This woman knows that her physical beauty is her primary asset. However, it is also a source of her problems, as she anxiously will ‘hire’ herself out to any man she may desire. Some of these sisters are married, but carry themselves as if they aren’t…which makes them all the more dangerous to the male population.

This is the type of woman from which Joseph had to flee for his very life.

This is the type of woman our mothers, sisters, and wives, have warned us about.

Let me give you another clue. Not all of these women can be found in the inner cities. Many more of them exist in the suburbs, in rural areas, and in the wealthiest of neighborhoods. Nor do they dress the same. Nor do they speak the same. But, their ‘bottom line’ is the same! YOU are their bottom line!

Yes, there have been other women who have tried to pull this sister off to the side and have a little ‘Proverbs 31’ consultation, but this woman just won’t get the hint. Her conversation--to the target of her desire--can be ‘smooth and creamy’. She knows what to say, and how to say, in order to get what she wants: another conquest in the bedroom.

On the job, she may even have Bible verses pasted on her desk, or her wall. Thus, she is very capable of being ‘bibli-lingual’ when it suits her purposes.

This sister has caused a number of men to fall. Do the names of Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson ring a bell? You can bet your hat on the fact that the whorish woman has been in the game for a long time, and learned well the lessons of her mother.

Remember that Jezebel and Delilah had mothers. They didn’t pick their ways up by osmosis, or from sex education classes. They came out the womb ready to do one thing. Hopefully, YOU won’t be their one thing! Read the Book of Hosea to see further about my description.

Oh yes, lest I forget. Don’t believe her when she says: “I won’t tell”. She’s running audio and video on all your little ‘rendezvous’. The copies WILL come out, usually on the front page, or in the hands of more than a few detectives!

This last type is--perhaps--the deadliest of the female sex. She gives life to the term ‘Black Widow’. This sister usually likes to be married to a man of means and power so she can use his power to achieve her goals. The marriage of Ahab and Jezebel (weak man/strong woman) is a very real reminder of how this woman operates.

Now, there are women who fall into this category type who are not married. However, the wedding band gives them the freedom to plot and scheme as to which man and which institution to destroy. This woman goes to church not to seek Jesus Christ, but to seek ways to destroy the church--especially IF the church is on fire for God.

And, heaven help the church if this woman has a clerical collar, or is in some type of church leadership role. She’ll turn all the women against their husbands, and sit back and laugh at the divorces filed, and the homes destroyed.

Don’t be fooled, and don’t underestimate her. She can ply her wiles to the max, knows when to use the tears and the ‘oil and honey’ tones to lure a man into her trap. She is well educated, well dressed, and well financed. Race doesn’t matter, as she can cross the color line as easily as folks can cross the street. She will likely have a career, and have her children in private schools, sheltered from her activities. This gives the ‘illusion’ that she is alone.

By the way, this woman is not above delving into magic, witchcraft, or any one of the other evil arts to put her ‘spell’ on you. She has an intense hatred of men, and feels that it is her duty to bring them down.

This particular sister is so dangerous that in her younger years she modeled for the skull and cross bones design on many poisons. She will, in fact, poison a man’s friends against him, cut him off from his family and friends, and eventually bleed him dry. In the end, it matters not to her who suffers--as long as she gets what she wants.

Brothers, the BWS is now ended. You now know the types, and the risks associated with each one. However, let me end my column on an upbeat note.

There are quality women out there. Women of character and moral standards. Women who will bring out the best of a man, whether he is up, or down. Women who will ‘Stand By Their Man’, through thick and thin. Women who will encourage your growth as a man, both inside--and outside--of the church. Women who won’t make fun of your ambitions, dreams, and life goals even if she is successful in her own career.

She knows where home is, and is not ashamed of being a wife and mother.

Let me also add this. Brothers, there are more of them out there than we had previously thought. Many of THEM are tired of the antics of their foolish, lewd, whorish, and evil sisters, and they are FINALLY kicking them to the curb! Many of THEM have FINALLY realized that BAD women make things bad for GOOD women. Many good women have been silent. Based on my mail, some sisters are doing some major-league clean up, and finding their backbones. They have realized that the bad sisters have been hijacking the good brothers. The good sisters--like the good brothers--are throwing the bad folk over the side.

Yes, The Book of Proverbs points out the worst types of sisters. However, at the end of the book, in Proverbs 31, you will find the real woman that you should be seeking. At the end of the book, there is good news. That’s the woman whom YOU need by your side.

Brothers, its simple. Bypass the four types bad types of womanhood, and give your attention to the Proverbs 31 woman. Believe me--WHEN you find her--you’ll know the next step is to get the ring, preacher, and church ready. She’s a KEEPER!

And the brotherhood said: AMEN!

MIKE RAMEY is the author of The Manhood Line. A syndicated, monthly column, written for men from a biblical, business, and common sense perspective. Emails welcome to
© 2003 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications International

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