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The Black Cornerempty posted: 11.03
Mike Ramey Mike Ramey
Don't Worry--Your Boots Are Coming!
by Mike Ramey,
The Manhoodline
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Not that long ago, I received a pair of comp tickets to a sporting event. As a former journalist (or street pounder for those familiar with the news game), when "comps" arrive, you either act on them, or you pass them on to someone else who may be able to use them. To make a long story short (for the sake of space), I happened to view the local nightly news, and found out the 'true agenda' behind the free tickets. It seemed that one of our local sports franchises was 'doing their bit' for domestic violence. Unfortunately they didn't bother to circulate that piece of information BEFORE the tickets went out.

In a firm nutshell, I was so steamed that smoke came out of my ears.

Not only was I irritated about having been 'played', I was further irritated by the fact that I had neglected a piece of advice, which had been handed down to me during my formative years: "What is the motive…behind the commotion?"

It's getting so that individuals, corporations, agencies, school corporations and sports franchises want to 'appear' to be 'working for the common good' on the social issues of the day. The 'agenda' of the social cause of the moment continues to be more important than credibility.

I remember reading in a business publication a few months back that it was considered 'good business' for corporations to rally their employees to volunteer in the local community (of course--at their own expense) to help make the corporations look good to--and for--one another.

Of course, if the 'community' got something out of it, then so much the better.

If I were to be even bolder, the 'agenda' has become more important than morals, truth, humanity, appearance, or even God himself. Yes, even churches and denominations have tossed biblical doctrine out the window for the sake of 'appearing' like everyone else. No standards of right and wrong. No need to bother with the 'muss and fuss' of avoiding compromise. Rewrite the Bible if you don't like it. Let a woman serve as Pastor. Let a homosexual run the denomination. Let the wife run the home and the husband 'follow her lead'.

The end justifies the means…right?

Brothers, I might as well make it clear right up front without excuse or fear of public condemnation--I am Christian, African American, male, a former Talk Show host--and a Rush Limbaugh fan. Of course, this confession may have led some folk to stop reading my column faster than the 2003 East Coast Blackout.

Cheer up…more ahead.

I don't profess to walk on water nor cause fire to fall from the sky. But I do believe in accountability, responsibility, faith, the Bible, and working for your own. Thus I am on the endangered species list of several major chat groups, the ACLU, the NAACP, the Urban League, and a whole lot of other groups run, supported, or funded by the 'Limo Liberal' crowd. While I have made this admission, these groups--and others who have been hammering, squealing, and harping on the Limbaugh controversy--have one thing in common.

Their boots are on their way.

Let me drop a 'truth nugget' on you. WHEN it comes time for these groups--or the individuals who run these groups--to go through their own minefield of public exposure, expect them to beg for mercy, tolerance, understanding, and forgiveness:

*Such as when their kids/teens get kicked out of school for drug use--again!
*Such as when their daughters turn up getting 'turned out' by a trusted someone.
*Such as when their wives get busted for DUI.
*Such as when their husbands get caught in a compromising position.
*Such as when their third-fourth-or fifth marriage breaks up.

Mark the critics well who come out of the woodwork for this first class Limbaugh beat down. The same ones who hold those fancy fundraiser luncheons, dinners, and mail outs asking folk like me to contribute to the 'cause' of keeping us 'free' from racism, sexism, SUVs, ozone, unemployment, and a host of other perceived ailments that could not be listed here for the sake of space. Oh, and the same ones who will 'stuff the seats' to 'appear' to 'have the public' on the 'side' of their 'agenda'.

Some of the same ones who also work in the same industry and KNOW of the dirt regularly practiced by the likes of other 'bad boys' and 'bad girls' of the silver screen and the recording studio. Some of them are even--dare I say it--African-American!

So, let me get this straight…IF someone who dares to point out the social ills of the day, or the lack or morals, or the absence of common sense, or the abdication of responsibility is caught in a transgression (or otherwise is caught being human), their advice is not to be heeded? It is all right to crucify them? It is all right to label them as 'dogs'? Or, do we remember our OWN failings and humanity?

No, too many of us do not. We would rather shoot the messenger. Easier that way and those who may be 'offended' can keep on--keeping on!

Let's break it down. If someone shoved a microphone and/or TV camera in the face of your ex-wife, former employer, or former girlfriends and asked for an honest portrait of you…do you think you'd get a fair trial?

If you were honest, you'd have to answer a loud NO!

MY enemies (and I do have them) have a line out the door, and around the block. Some of them bring champagne and lawn chair each and every time I am involved in controversy. However, when the controversy is over, my enemies count on my sense of fair play to overlook their transgressions and shortcomings when it is their turn to wallow in the swamps of Real Life 101.

You see...I've been through enough battles of life to realize the truth behind the statement "God Don't Like Ugly". I also remember another saying from our distant past: "Never kick a man when he's down!"

In other words, if YOU kick someone when they are down, don't be shocked when a set of boots comes looking for your backside when it's YOUR turn up for public debate and inspection. That's what I meant by the title of this column. Folk that are quick to 'write off' Rush Limbaugh in his problems are setting themselves up for overnight delivery of a pair of size 15 double Es.

What goes around--truly--DOES come around. We EACH will have enemies in life. As sure as I am writing--mark and underline this--a man WILL have enemies. The central question remains. Does the fact that one has, or will have enemies force one to halt their life, aim low and give in to compromise to appease the crowd, OR do you suck it up, sail on, and continue to aim high?

A lot of Rush's enemies are mad at him for fessing up, instead of covering up. They are also irritated at the fact that he is still going to continue to aim high.

Brothers, the REAL battle in the Limbaugh controversy--in my view--is for the control of the individual's right to continue to aim high. To stand for good, honest, moral and right things, though one has had to learn the lessons of life from bad consequences.

Some of them may have surfaced by our own actions.

In truth, people--some of them who are public figures, and some of them who are family members--WILL come up short, day after day. In truth, it should fire us all the more to strive for the best in living our lives from sunup to sundown.

Some of us have screwed up. But, will we have the courage to get up, face the consequences, and still aim high? That IS one of the qualifications of true manhood.

However, let me put this question on the table: Brothers, what's in YOUR closet?

Now, Rush didn't have to go on the air and admit to anything, nor did he have to take time off and check himself into rehab. He could have imitated his critics, 'stuck' with silence, and avoided the woodshed. Matter of fact, he could have had fellow broadcasters come out and 'excuse' his problems and shortcomings.

Nope. He took his butt whipping and is paying a BIG price. In biblical terms--he quit himself as--a MAN! Rest assured--Rush will be back--bigger than ever, in my opinion.

How can I say that? Simple. He's been through something. And, brothers, we ALL know that it is the man who has been through something who--if he has learned the lesson--makes for an even better teacher.

He's accepted--his boots.

MIKE RAMEY is the author of The Manhood Line. A syndicated, monthly column, written for men from a biblical, business, and common sense perspective. Emails welcome to
© 2003 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications International

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