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empty Posted August 2000
Angela Watkins
Angela Watkins
The Role of the Black Christian Woman In Such A Time As This
by Angela Watkins

First, I would like for you to think on Esther 4:14. The message of Esther 4:14 speaks some important truths to this Church Age.

As you recall, Esther was an orphaned child ( I myself can relate to being an orphan--my mother left me on March 7, 2000). Esther was Jewish and with other Jewish people, she lived in captivity under a Persian Rule. Under the tutelage of Mordecai, Esther became queen of Persia.

In our targeted scriptures (Esther 4:14) we hear the words of Mordecai as he appeals to Esther to use her power and influence to save her people.

What is the role of the Black Christian Woman in times like these?

We are to be a Light Bearer of the time as Esther was a light bearer of her time. She is a woman of true Christian character exemplifying daily Christ's redemptive work in her.

The Black Christian Woman is sensitive to the time she lives in. She seeks to do what Paul said in Ephesians. She seeks to redeem the time. She is not idle, for idleness is a handmaid of Satan.

Black Women must use her influence for the good of others; such as her children. Mordecai reminded Esther that God has a plan for her life. We must be mindful that God has given us influence to be used for His Glory.

I need to ask this searching question. How do you use your influence? Remember, we will be held accountable for how we have used our influence.

Sometimes, we make some great mistakes as God blesses us with position and power. We forget who we are, where we have come from and who gave us what we have. By nature we are covetous.

We must be prayer warriors.

Upon heeding the instruction of Mordecai, Esther called for a fasting and praying time. She knew that whatever would be accomplished, it must be done by the power of the almighty God.

Women of Color, if our homes are to be saved, if our communities are to be saved, if our children are to be restored--We must pray without ceasing.

Prayer must assume a priority in your personal and family life. Without prayer there is no power. With much prayer, there is much power.

Women of the Lord must invest in the Kingdom of God.

Do not let the TV, newspapers, other forms of media, etc., tell you who you are. Read and study the Word of God.

It is my Christian Ministry to help those in need to give ideas on how to improve the "Whole Man/Woman"; our Personal Vision is found in Exodus 31:3 and our Personal Mission is found in Proverbs 3:27.

Angela Watkins
Angel Specialty
P O Box 112
Henning, TN 38041-0112

Just in case someone reading this article might want to compose a family tree, I will give you a place to start your search; and Family Tree Maker are useful sites.

Ms. Watkins runs a home business and is a composer of life enriching articles. A Christian woman, she writes that she, "loves to cook," and "is working on teaching the Christian community on Enriching the Whole Man/Woman." Her articles are featured around the globe.

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