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empty Posted November 2001
Dr. Luther Blackwell
Dr. Luther Blackwell
The Word Increases...
The Disciples Multiply

Luther James Blackwell, Jr.
Senior Pastor, The Mega Church
Cleveland, Ohio

“And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith.
Acts 6:7 KJV

   It is very difficult to read the Word of God and not see that God is a God of Mathematics. If we seek His Kingdom, then all these things shall be added.  He gives and takes away (subtracts). And, we are called to rightfully divide His Word.

   In the above text, we note that multiplication is squarely based in His will. Therefore, at the dictates of the Holy Spirit, we are called to pray and believe the Lord to work this principle in our midst as it pleases Him. It is obvious in this passage that the early Church went from a season of addition to a harvest of multiplication. This is something that took place as God fulfilled His word to them [Acts7: 17]; secondly, as a testimony declared in the face of the enemyís oppressions; thirdly, as the church was continually built up in the faith [Acts 9:31]; and lastly as each member accepted his responsibility to ďspread the Word!Ē [Acts 12:24]

   The Psalmist criedÖ

Truly, I love your commands more than gold, even the finest gold.”
 Ps. 119: 127 NLT

    Herein lies the secret. The church has to so intensely love the Word of God, until it will find itself naturally speaking this Word to those about them, and those about them experiencing the love of the Word that exudes from the Wordís lover. In essence, a consequence of loving Godís Word is the sharing of that Word with passion.

   It is my undaunted belief that God wants us to enjoy the harvest of the fall, but use it to harvest souls that are awaiting our utmost attention. We should endeavor to bring one soul per week for the next three months (till the end of the year) to worship services. It is my prayer that the spirit of influence will rest upon you mightily.

    The unfortunate end to our summer came on September 11 when many lives were taken in our Countryís worst atrocity of terrorism. In all of that hurt and tragedy lies a harvest of souls awaiting your comfort; the comfort of eternal life; and a future of hope as promised by our God.

   So, donít say, at this point, "I canít do this," or "Iíve tried that before," or "witnessing is not my cup of tea."  If God has said it, then itís time that you forget any failure or disappointment of the past, and move out to evangelize His [fresh] Word.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”
2Ti 1:7 NKJV

   Your power should fuel your search for disciples.  Remember, there is no failure. Use love, as a catalyst in assuring that no soul should perish into eternal damnation on your watch. Allow God to use your sound and capable mind to explore all opportunities to witness on His behalf.

   “ Go into all the world and make disciples! ” is Jesusí Great Commission. Where is your world?  You are only required to preach [share] the gospel in your world, not in anotherís or mine. You are accountable to God for effectively evangelizing the world in which He has so graciously placed you.

    Therefore, I urge you and encourage you to get busy with affecting your world. You have more "power" [influence] than you realize. Step out of your "boat" and use it.  Faith will go ahead of you paving the way. Remember, God believes in you! Now, you must believe in yourself! After all, what do you have to lose? 

Rev. Dr. Luther Blackwell is senior pastor of Mega Church in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the author of two books, Power to Get Wealth and The Heritage of the Black Believer. He has served as one of the hosts of the Praise the Lord television program; appeared on CBNís 700 Club; and is a frequent guest on the Trinity Broadcast Network. Dr. Blackwell founded Mega Church ten years ago. Since its inception, Mega Church has been among the leaders in the area of racial reconciliation, demonstrating the ability of God to bring His people of different races and cultures together. He can be contacted at or visit the website at
The opinions expressed are those of the author and used by permission.

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