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empty Posted April 2006
Rev. Craig A. Brown The Silent Cry
Rev. Craig A. Brown
Word-Song Ministries
San Jose, CA

II Samuel 13:20 reads, “Then Absalom her brother said to her, "Has Amnon your brother been with you? But now keep silent, my sister, he is your brother; do not take this matter to heart. SoTamar remained and was desolate in her brother Absalom's house.” (NAS)

Tamar’s brother Amnon was captivated by her beauty and burned in his lust towards her. He feigned illness and sent his servant to deliver his request for her assistance. Tamar had no reason to be concerned when she learned her brother was sick and requested her assistance. After she arrived, Amnon removed the mask and requested that she engage in intimacy with him.

Tamar implores his reasoning by telling him that he’s her brother. She fervidly reminds him that such debauchery is forbidden by law; his outrageous lust is wickedness in the highest degree and will not be tolerated in Israel. She also says to Amnon that such atrocities should not be committed by the people of God.

Tamar appeals to his conscious by entreating him not to force her to participate in this lewd act. She asks him, “how can I avoid the shame once this becomes public; have you considered my honor, my dignity, my comfort?”

The arguments by Tamar are so strong that had Amnon not been goaded on by his lust, they might have prevailed with him to desist from his infamous purpose. After imposing himself and afterwards looking upon her with disdain, he discarded her like she was a piece of trash.

Broken, wounded and shamed, Tamar took the robe that signified her virginity and violently ripped it to shreds. This action was an outward expression of what took place inwardly. The garment she once wore is now a tattered symbol of what she was…a proud virgin and woman of dignity.

Like Tamar, you had no grounds to even think that a friend, family member or a person of the household of faith would view you as an opportunity to fulfill their debased desire. When offered the opportunity to serve or just hang out, the voice of your past had no reason to distrust the preacher, church mother or deacon; sibling, relative, parent or grandparent; teacher, neighbor or friend. Then it happened!

Suddenly your confidence is betrayed. Your innocence is violently snatched away. Like Tamar, you ferociously shred all symbols of success, worthiness and purity. Bewildered and dismayed, your life shattered, you at these symbols that once represented the positive in your life and cry, “Why did this happen to me!”

The feelings of being abandoned violated and defrauded; betrayed, victimized and abused; guilt, shame and cheap overwhelm you like a mighty hurricane! The anguish of encroachment replaces the radiance of innocence that once upon a time lit up your face. Incest is woven into the tapestry of your life against your will. There appears to be no escape from her tentacles.

Your perpetrator continues to display an uncaring attitude by threatening you to be silent so they can remain in their secret closet of depravity. While the apparent inescapable pain of this contravention hovers over you emotionally and physically, you walk in fear of retribution if you expose your perpetrator. Therefore, you cry in silence.

There is no pain in existence too great for Jesus to heal; no heart too broken that he cannot repair, no trust too obliterated that he cannot rebuild. Come to the incessantly flowing waters of healing and restoration. Accept his invitation to walk with him in the process of repairing your deep-wounded soul and restore your life. His loving hand of forgiveness and mercy is also extended towards the perpetrator. Accept his invitation to transform your life from perpetrator to protector; abuser to lover; untrustworthy to a person of integrity.

Have a Purpose Driven Month.

P.S. Always remember…Worship is a lifestyle, not a momentary experience.

Rev. Craig A. Brown is known for his passion for the presence of our Lord. Having been active as an Interim Pastor, Praise & Worship Leader, Songwriter, Musician and Worship Seminar Clinician, his priority is that of his first calling to minister the word of our Lord. Rev. Brown was ordained an Elder in the Church Of God In Christ and attends Maranatha Christian Center in San Jose, CA, Pastor Dr. Tony Williams. After matriculating at San Diego State University and Shiloh Bible College, he founded Word-Song Ministries and Word-Song Foundation.

Word-Song Ministries provides ministry to churches in the areas of the spoken word, church restructuring, worship seminars and guest psalmist. Word-Song Foundation promotes concerts that transform lives through christian music and motivational speaking. To contact Rev. Brown, email him at

Copyright © 2006. All Rights Reserved.
Used by permission,, 2006

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