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empty Posted May 2001
Angela Watkins
Angela Watkins
Celebration of Mother's Day
by: Angela Watkins

I think something happens to you when you become a mother. Mom-onomics just appear in your mouth like an itch on your nose when you are washing the dishes. It seems that when a woman gives birth she is given flowers and hugs, lots of attention. I can remember twenty-one years ago when I first saw my child at two a.m. It was joy immeasurable.

Let's go visit 1 Samuel and talk with Hannah about her plea and God's answer in the birth of her son Samuel. "Wherefore it came to pass, when the time was come after Hannah had conceived, that she bare a son, and called his name Samuel, saying, Because I have asked him of the Lord." (1 Sam 1: 20 KJV)

Let your mind reflect on "The Book of Job" according to the first chapter. I began to let "Job" speak to my heart from Job 1: 18-21. My mother, Delores Sims had Multiple Sclerosis, and she left us on March 7, 2000 at 5:15 pm. March 4, 2000 was the last Sunday that I would spend with her and March 7, 2000 was the last day that I would ever spend with her. Last year I came to appreciate 1 Thessalonians 4:13, "But I would have you to be ignorant brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope." As I struggled with my final goodbyes, I thought about the promise that God will bring with Jesus, those who have fallen asleep in Him. That did not take away my grief, but God's promise of the Resurrection put a concrete floor under it. I thought to myself as I stood at my mother's gravesite "she will arise".

I had to seriously pray to the Lord for help with my grief and now to help me reach out to help other grieving people via a sharing of resources.

Anger is a strong source of grief. You (I) may feel angry towards others. That is natural. I can imagine when we are ashamed and hold our anger in; it only complicates the situation and healing can not take place in your life. I learned to be honest with my emotions so I could deal with them and work through them.

When death occurs "God" is in the same place He always was. God bears our pain, feels our hurt and He has already conquered death. First, no matter who we are, death will usher us in to the presence of God. Second, we don't have to avoid thinking about death, because death does not have the last word.

I am planning a trip. I've been checking into airline and hotel prices. I like to have the details arranged well before I go. But there are some things I can't be sure of. I can buy a ticket to get there, but I can't be sure that I'll be around to board my flight.

Plans, hopes, and dreams involving tomorrow, next year and even the next century are all necessary. We think we are in control even though we really aren't. We arrogantly plan for tomorrow as if it were ours to "Command".

The things of this world are so uncertain that we should never really bank on them but on God.

The wealth that God gives, whether much or little, is an opportunity to invest in our eternal future. Jesus lived more in his short lifetime of 33 years than people who live to be 100 or more.

As we see violence, blood shed, sudden tragedy we can realize that each day by the Giver, is never to be taken for granted.

At times the Christian life is a struggle. The book of Hebrews compares it to a race. And along the way it is possible to become discouraged and to feel defeated.

In 1 Corinthians 15:26 Paul describes death as the last enemy. "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death." (KJV)

People who are dying need others nearby because then they know they are not abandoned. In life and in death, we need to know that we belong and are wanted.

Useful Resources:
Living Beyond Multiple Sclerosis - A Woman's Guide
by Judith Lynn Nichol 

MS Handbook: Multiple Sclerosis 1-800-456-2255 or visit

Recommended Reading and Sharing With Others: 
Sister Strength
, compiled by Rev. Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook 
This book has devotions for and from African American Women touching on such topics as success, failure, heartbreak, grief just to name a few. You will receive a thought for the day and prayer after each chapter that gives hope to keep us marching onward on the life journey. You will be reminded that it is a blessing to arise and not find yourself in the obituary column. You will revisit Brother Job and be reminded of the lessons and how to face and overcome problems. This book would be great for parents, churches, parenting programs, individuals, and women.

I was truly impressed with Mrs. Minnie Boomer when I heard her speak at the 20th Annual Legislative Retreat in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  When I approached her, I noticed something my racial socio-economic status or physical condition never mattered to her.

At this time "The Debora Ann Sims Family" would like to thank Mrs. Boomer and the staff for their acts of kindness during our mother's leaving us.  Mrs. Boomer is a Christian whereas she is a member of Canaan Baptist Church of Covington, mother of three children, grandmother of four children and wife. Mrs. Boomer was the first African American and first female to serve in local government and she is the founder and director of an agency that focuses on the plight of over 700 children and their families. 

Proverbs 3:27, Exodus 31:3
Email Angela Watkins, writer, researcher, speaker and advocate at:  or visit her websites at: or The opinions expressed are those of the author and are used by permission. Ms. Watkins, of Henning, TN, contributes articles around the globe. Read her previous articles, including  The Role of the Black Christian Woman In Such A Time As This on Articles Page.

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